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See how Home Solar Panels can save you money on your energy bill whilst reducing your carbon foot print.

Not only will you save money on your energy bills but you will receive income tax relief on the money you make from the Feed In Tariff, allowing you to build a nice little nest egg courtesy of HMRC!

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We are the UK's No.1 Provider of Home Solar Panels for homes and commercial premises. Our specialist team design and install Solar solutions to help save your thousands on your energy bills.

Solar Panels Direct

Reviewed by

Steve Jenkins on Feb 15th.

"Fantastic service and installed in record time, thank you!!"

Rating: 5 5 star rating

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“Solar Panels Direct found us a great team of installers.”

“We had wanted solar panels on our stone cottage for almost a year before we decided to ring Solar Panels Direct for advice about it. Because we lived in a conservation area, our neighbours and the council told us that getting permission would be nigh on impossible.

“Solar Panels Direct put us in contact with a great team of installers who were experienced at negotiating with council planning departments. Their architect used 3D artwork to show the planners that a specific type of solid black panel would blend in against our property’s black slate tiles and would be barely visible from the street.


“If it wasn’t for their knowledge and experience - and for Solar Panels Direct recommending them - we would never have got solar panels and would have missed out on over £1300 a year of extra income!”


Tim and Margaret Adams, Cheshire


“Being kind to the planet is paying us.”

“We’ve always been concerned about green issues and have done what we can with the resources available to us. We reduce, re-use and recycle, we’ve cut our utilities bills down as far as we can through careful usage, but there was always that thought that we could do more if only we could afford renewable technologies like solar panels for electricity or heating.

“When solar installers started offering deals for free panels, we jumped at the chance to have them installed and rang Solar Panels Direct to find someone reputable in our area. Although we don’t get the Feed-In Tariff payments – our installer does – we’re still saving money on our electric bills and reducing our carbon footprint. “And there is the chance that in a few years time when we’ve saved enough we can buy ourselves out of the contract with the installer and receive the FITs payments ourselves.”


Jane and Mark Kirkby, Devon


“The installers that Solar Panels Direct recommended were very good”

“Margaret was a bit concerned about having the panels fitted. It always worried her if something went wrong the roof is an expensive thing to have to put right. She needn’t have worried. The installers that Solar Panels Direct recommended were really good. They understood why she was worried and took plenty of time to explain what would happen throughout the installation to put her mind at rest. We were impressed by their technical knowledge and electrical background. They knew the technology inside out.”


Graham and Margaret Williams, Stourport


“…we’re definitely saving money”

“We could never have afforded solar panels unless we took advantage of the free deals offered by installers, but it’s been worthwhile. Our installers were lovely people who fitted everything quickly, and we’re definitely saving money. The panels have been up and running about four months now and already there’s a decrease in our electricity bills.”


Mike and Jill Stock, Portsmouth


“I am a mini power station!”

“I honestly never thought I’d ever do anything like having solar panels fitted. The closest I’ve ever got to saving the planet was growing some lettuce on my windowsill to cut down on supermarket airmiles. But the panels are a no brainer really. You get paid when you generate power, paid when you sell your surplus power and paid again when your electricity bills come in cheaper. I have become a mini power station and am getting paid to do it! Great stuff.”


Alan Paylan, Hemel Hempstead