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See how Home Solar Panels can save you money on your energy bill whilst reducing your carbon foot print.

Not only will you save money on your energy bills but you will receive income tax relief on the money you make from the Feed In Tariff, allowing you to build a nice little nest egg courtesy of HMRC!

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Solar Panel Installers

Not all solar panel installations are the same, and that’s especially so since the Feed-In Tariffs were introduced.


To qualify to receive Feed-In Tariff payments, the solar panel installers you choose must be an accredited member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). MCS is an independent scheme – supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), industry and non-government groups - that will certify that its member adhere to consistent high standards when fitting solar panels. This will ensure that the expensive equipment on your roof is installed correctly and that you have the greatest level of consumer protection possible.


But why is this necessary?

It’s unfortunate, but every new market that has the potential to be profitable will attract unscrupulous people looking to make fast money at the consumer’s expense. Solar panel installation is no exception. Solar panels fitted by unqualified or rogue solar panel installers are usually poorly made cheap panels that do not live up to the performance standards you have been led to expect. You may have been made many promises by solar panel salesman that are subsequently found not to be true.


That’s why the Government decided to do something about the inevitable influx of rogue solar panel installers who had little training and probably no qualifications by linking substantial monetary payments through the Feed-In Tariff scheme to MCS. The MCS accreditation tells you that the installers have reached a certain level of expertise and experience fitting solar panels, and that they can be trusted to fit only approved solar panels.


But MCS is not just the only thing you should look for when choosing a solar panel installer.


What makes a good solar panel installer?

Lots of installations and experience
Someone who is well-qualified to fit solar panels should be able to demonstrate the previous installations they have completed, preferably at the level of power you need. So if you want, for example, a 20kW system it might be better to find an solar panel installer that has fitted a larger system of this kind before, rather than use someone who only has experience of sub 4kW domestic installations. And always ask for a list of local installations and have a chat to those householders on the list to see if they are happy with the results of their installation.


Exerts effort to ensure a good long term payback for you if you own the system
Good solar panel installers will make sure they do all the appropriate surveys and calculations to accurately estimate the best possible long-term payback for you.


A cost breakdown
Good solar panel installers have nothing to hide and will be happy to give you a cost breakdown when asked. They should never slap a high figure on the table as a fait accompli. Part of their costs should include removal and disposal of any materials associated with the installation. No little piles of rubbish should be left behind for you to deal with.


Proof that their systems meet expected output levels
It’s too easy to put a solar panel into place without giving due regard to its future performance, but that’s the very thing that will be generating substantial income for you every month if you buy your own solar panels. A reputable company will fit a smart meter to monitor the panels performance against expected standards and if it decreases for no good reason, they should come round to find out why.


Willing to give you information when asked
Poor solar panel installers are very rarely happy when asked to provide recent manuals, brochure and background information – including thermal performance tests – for you to look at. They don’t want you knowing more than them and then questioning them on anything!


System guarantees
A good solar panel installer will ensure the system has manufacturer guarantees in place to protect your investment. Most modern panels come with a 20-25 year guarantee – and are expected to last more than 30 years - while inverters can have guarantees of up to 10 years. A good company will also guarantee its workmanship to give you peace of mind.


No hard selling or poor advice
Hard selling and poor advice – whether deliberate or unknowing - is unpleasant and causes bad feeling. A good solar panel installer should not attempt to give you the hard sell or to get you to sign up or undertake a cursory insufficient survey of your property. Some of the ways solar panel installers can do this includes:

  • Offer you a large discount if you sign on the spot
  • Offering ‘first, come, first served’ discounts in exchange for monitoring data, a practice which is banned
  • Claiming there is no ‘cooling off period’ after signing a contract, which is an illegal financial practice
  • Exaggerate the performance of the system to make it look like you could get higher Feed-In Tariff payments
  • Under estimate the length of time it will take to pay back the system
  • Not checking to see if your roof is at a suitable angle to the South
  • Not checking for shading on the roof
  • Not bothering to find out how much energy you use and just selling you a ‘standard’ system
  • Not adjusting their figures to take into account where you live in the country. Someone in Devon will probably have more hours of clear sunlight compared to someone who lives in Scotland, who may have to deal with much more cloudy and unpleasant weather that will ultimately affect the light intensity hitting their panels and amount of power generated.


Having solar panels installed is a big step and it pays to find the best solar panel installer to take care of an investment that could pay you £30,000 plus over the next 25 years.

To find out more about how you could financially benefit from having solar panels fitted to your property – even if you think you can’t afford to have it done – call one of our solar panel experts now on 0800 043 ****.